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Qualified Drafting & Design

Qualified Drafting and Design was created with a vision for a new era…

Joel Beckham, owning numerous construction oriented businesses realized how hard it was to find quality blueprints at an affordable price. Also, he realized how hard it was to find drafting and design firms to make small revisions to existing projects.

Upon that realization, he reached out to Austin Clark, an experienced local architect with the idea of creating a solution to these problems. Qualified Drafting and Design was born!

This collaboration developed the vision for small homes, open floor plans, and affordable housing for all.

Joel Beckham

A humble roofer for more than 32 years, with great experience in numerous construction-oriented companies from residential homes to commercial real estate. Joel’s faith is shown through the businesses with his passion for giving back and making an impact for God. Through the DVE Project, both this company and affiliated construction companies, give back through DVE Ministries, local outreaches, and by empowering entrepreneurs.

Yvan Sison

Yvan Sison lived in Los Angeles, CA. This past year, he worked as a fund manager and investor relations member in 5TCRE’s syndications and fund of funds (SPVs). As a partner, he helped manage $150MM+ of Commercial Real Estate across 1,400+ doors. Now partner of Qualified Drafting and Design to help in facilitating clients’ vision details and homes on AutoCad.

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